Out on the first hunt with his tribe, a young boy is injured and must learn to survive alone in the wild. That is, until he is no longer alone. He befriends a wild wolf similarly separated from his pack. Slowly but surely taming the wolf, the two begin to […]

Mile 22

Meet the agents of Overwatch: a government agency you aren’t supposed to know exists. James Silva is an operative aided by a top secret tactical command. The hits don’t stop when he is assigned to transport an asset through hostile territory. Mark Wahlberg takes the lead in this creation from […]

Crazy Rich Asians

The story follows Chinese-American economics professor, Rachel Chu as the travels to Singapore with her boyfriend, Nick, for his best friend’s wedding. She soon learns that Nick has a secret: he and his family are crazy rich! Nick is one of the most eligible bachelors in Asia and all of […]

The Meg

Five years prior, expert diver and Naval Captain Jonas Taylor experienced a career ending and life changing encounter in the Mariana Trench that caused him to abort his mission and abandon his crew. Even worse, his claim about what caused the disaster, a huge sea creature understood to be extinct, […]

Disney's Christopher Robin

Winnie the Pooh has lost his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood and turns to his friend, Christopher Robin, for help. The only problem is that Christopher Robin is now an adult living in the city and focussed on his work and family. This grown up version of Pooh’s friend […]

The Darkest Minds

When a global pandemic kills 98% of all people under age twenty, the remaining children and teens become something new. Now imbued with powerful supernatural abilities, they are locked into internment camps by the adults who fear them. Sixteen-year-old Ruby Daly is one of the most powerful teens the world […]

Events at The Moviehouse

June 05 - August 28

FREE Summer Kids Camp 2018

Join us for FREE kids films all summer long! Tickets are available first come, first served at 9 AM, and all movies start at 10 AM. Check out the full summer schedule below. Availability is limited, so don’t […]

April 04 - April 25

Singing & Dancing 2018

M&E presents its Singing & Dancing movie series! Join us every Wednesday night in April and enjoy half-priced tickets, your favorite movies to sing along to, and menu items that might just make you spontaneously dance! The […]

March 07 - March 28

John Hughes Series 2018

The M&E John Hughes Tribute Series will send you back to the 80’s with four special nights of classic film. Tickets are half-priced for these Wednesday evening events and the menu items will be, like, totally rad. […]