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I Still Believe

Based on the life of singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp and his wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp, who met and married despite the fact that Melissa was dying of ovarian cancer. Shortly after their honeymoon, they found out that the cancer had spread. She died only four months after their wedding. The film […]


Being killed in battle was only the beginning for elite soldier Ray Garrison. Brought back to life using advanced technology, his body becomes a weapon of super-human strength and fast healing. With his new abilities, he hunts down the man who he believes killed his wife. But not everything is as […]

The Hunt

Twelve strangers wake up in a clearing unsure of how they got there or why. They soon discover that they have been selected as the prey in a hunt for the most exotic game: humans. But the sport is derailed when one of the hunted fights back and begins killing […]


Brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot live in a world where magic once existed, but has died out into a suburban landscape populated by formerly magical creatures. Though their father died years ago, they discover that he passed on to them a spell from times past that would bring him back […]


Emma Woodhouse is beautiful, wealthy, and intelligent. In 1800’s England, she uses her influence to match-make those around her. Bored and misguided, Emma misses the love that’s been in front of her all along in this story of social class and the pain of growing up. Based on the classic […]

The Way Back

Jack, a former high school basketball star now struggling with sobriety, is invited back to his alma mater as a coach. Talented, but undisciplined, the team struggles through the ups and downs of cooperation and loss. When the team finally starts to win, Jack may have a chance to confront […]

Events at The Moviehouse

January 08 - May 25


Reserve your recliner for Handpicked classic films at M&E! Elvis: That’s the Way It Is (1970) January 8, 2020 Celebrate the 85th birthday of the King of Rock and Roll with this special 50th anniversary presentation. An […]

November 29 - December 31

Holiday Food Drive

Starting November 29, 2019, help us spread kindness and good cheer by donating to the North Texas Food Bank.   Bring your donation to Guest Services at any M&E location. Most needed food items include canned fruit […]

November 19 - December 17

Handpicked Holiday Classics 2019

It’s time once again to deck the halls with some Handpicked Holiday Classic films at M&E. Burglars, lighting mishaps, partying mythical creatures, a magical train ride, terrible gifts, and an errant squirrel are all on the menu. […]