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Moviehouse FAQs

Age Policy
Moviehouse follows MPAA guidelines for all films. Moviegoers 13 and over may visit M&E unattended. For children accompanying parents, we ask that no children 6 and under attend any PG-13 or rated R films after 6pm. Children age two years old and younger are free to sit on a parent lap and do not require tickets. Children over age 2 require tickets and a seat. Babies/infants are welcome during “Mommy Monday” features only. “Well Seasoned Wednesday” half price tickets apply to guests age 65 and over. All moviegoers, regardless of age, are expected to remain quiet and non-disruptive during features.

Costume Policy
As long as you follow these simple guidelines, all costume wearing movie lovers are welcome. Leave your toy weapons at home to ensure the safety of other patrons. Please refrain from heavy face paint and be prepared to take off your mask or helmet upon request. If your costume causes disruptive behavior during the showing, you will be asked to leave the theater without a refund.

Movie Listings and Showtimes
Moviehouse & Eatery is open 365 days a year. Weekly schedules are posted no later than Tuesday at 5pm and sooner when possible. Certain films are offered as pre-sales in advance of their release date. Click here for a list of current movies playing and/or on sale for future releases.

Purchasing Tickets
Tickets can be purchased online at or in person at our guest services. Purchases made online are subject to a small service charge. Buying online allows early access to the best seats and guarantees you get the seat you want. To avoid this fee you can purchase tickets at our guest services the day of or even days prior to your show time. For purchases of more than 20 tickets visit us in person or please click here to be directed to our events team. We are not able to sell tickets over the phone.

Redeeming Moviehouse Passes and Gift Cards
Guest passes, gift cards, and admit one tickets can be redeemed online by entering the 14-digit code printed on the pass. If you are given a re-admission pass related to a previous visit, your pass must be redeemed in person at guest services.

Our Gift Cards
Our gift cards make great gifts for any occasion. To purchase gift cards, click here. Gift cards are available for purchase on our website as well as at our guest services, bar, or even in your seat while enjoying a movie. Gift cards purchased on our website are only available as e-gift cards.

Outside Gift Cards
Moviehouse & Eatery accepts gift cards issued by all major credit card companies. M&E does not accept third party gift cards from services like Fandango. We do allow use of the Movie Pass service and always accept forms of payment with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

No Pass Movies
At times movie studios restrict the use of guest passes, re-admission passes, and other promotional tickets for new and special releases. These restricted movies are listed on our website as no passes. If you have selected a no pass movie, you will be unable to enter a pass code during checkout. Moviehouse & Eatery abides by all studio regulations regarding no pass movies.

Private Events/Group Ticket Sales
Click here to be connected to our private event department. From children’s birthday parties to corporate meetings, let us show you how events at Moviehouse make the movies better.

Deal Days, Matinees, and Other Promotions
For more information on ticket deals and special offerings, click the Deal Day link for your preferred location. We offer reduced prices on select films and times in each of our locations.

Tickets purchased at and/or in person at our guest services can be refunded up to 1 hour prior to the listed show time. You can refund your ticket in person at guest services or call us by phone. Tickets purchased in person will be refunded the full amount. Tickets purchased on our website will be refunded for the value of the ticket less the service charge associated with purchasing tickets online.

All refunds will be done using the original form of payment. Credit, debit, and gift cards will be refunded to the card used to make the purchase. Please have the card on hand when requesting a refund. We cannot refund your purchase to a different form of payment.

Ticket Changes
If you purchase tickets for the wrong date or wrong seat we will do our best to accommodate changes. If like tickets are available for your show on another date, we will happily exchange them. All ticket changes have to be done through our guest services. You can exchange tickets in person or call the theater directly and we will be happy to assist you.

If you miss your show for any reason, we cannot refund your ticket but we are able to provide tickets to a later showing (pending availability) or passes for a future visit. All changes must be communicated and exchanged for other tickets/passes within 24 hours of show time.

The Bighouse
Certain auditoriums in select theaters are designated the Big House. These larger auditoriums feature premium large format screens (PLF). These premium large format auditoriums have larger screens and offer more seating than our other auditoriums. All of our theaters offer dine in service, premium recliners, and state of the art sound.

Moviehouse & Eatery is committed to supporting the community. We encourage you to send your request as soon as possible so we may do our best to support your organization. All requests are handled on a first come, first served basis and while we’d love to support every opportunity that comes our way, we can only support a limited amount each quarter. If we are unable to help this time, please keep us in mind for your next event or fundraising opportunity. Please send your request to

The Moviehouse Experience
We are on a constant quest to make the movies better. From our plush recliners to tableside service from our scratch kitchen, our goal is to allow you to sit back, partake, relax, and enjoy every moment of your movie experience. To maximize the experience, here are some things to know:

Arrive Early: We open every movie 30 minutes early to allow our guests time to settle in, order food and drinks from our scratch kitchen and bars, and get cozy while they wait for the movie to start.

Let Us Serve You: We greet guests as they arrive. Your server will greet you as soon as they can once they see you. After your initial order is placed we want to let you enjoy your movie without interruption…but we’re here if you need us.

The Call Button: Each seat is equipped with a call button. If you need anything: a napkin, another glass of wine, or some warm cookies and a glass of milk, simply press your button and we’ll be right there.

Last Call/Payment: Our servers use handheld devices to place your order and take your payment. When you are greeted, we will swipe your credit card/debit card so that you do not have to worry about paying at the end of the movie. 45 minutes before the movie ends, we will swing by one more time to see if you need anything. Before the movie is over we’ll process payment and drop off your check. Our service never stops so even if we’ve dropped off your check, simply press your button and we’ll get you anything else you may need. Did we mention the cookies?

Billing/Payment Issues
If you feel you were overcharged and/or have any billing issues you can email us or call the location directly for resolution. Here are some frequent reasons for billing issues:

No Confirmation Email: If you did not receive your email confirmation, please first verify that it is not in your spam folder. If you don’t see it, please call the location so they can confirm your purchase. You will need the credit card you used to purchase so that we can verify your purchase by phone.

Error Message During Transaction: As we strive to make the website error free, we are unable to prevent all technological errors that may occur. If you find you have received an error message, and are concerned you may have been charged, please contact the location guest services with the card used and they will be able to verify whether, or not, your transaction was processed.

Overcharges in Store: If you feel you were overcharged you can email us or call the location directly for resolution.

E-Gift Card Purchase/Payment Issues: Please first verify that your gift card still has funds on it by checking your balance on our gift card page. If you have a balance and find that you are still unable to purchase your tickets, please call the location.

Events at The Moviehouse

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November 29 - December 31

Holiday Food Drive

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Handpicked Holiday Classics 2019

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