The Lion King

After his father is murdered, a young lion cub runs away from home at the urging of his power hungry uncle. He meets friends and has new adventures, but it is in returning home to his kingdom that he learns the true meaning of bravery and pride. A live-action re-telling […]


A mild mannered Uber driver named Stu is thrust into a criminal investigation when he picks up grizzled police detective, Vic. Now hot on the trail of terrorists, Stu attempts to keep his sanity, stay alive, and maintain his five-star driver rating. Prepare for the rideshare of your life. Starring […]


A young woman attempts to save her father during a category five hurricane, only to find herself trapped in his flooding house. He is injured, the water level is rising…oh and did we mention the alligators? If the storm doesn’t get her…they will. Kaya Scodelario (The Maze Runner) and Barry […]


An American couple fly to Sweden to experience a rural community’s midsummer festival. What starts as an idyllic retreat turns into a hallucinatory nightmare after they are invited to drink something that interferes with their perceptions of time and reality. They end up under the influence of a pagan cult […]

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Peter Parker is left mourning the death of his mentor, Tony Stark (Iron Man). But on a trip to Europe with his High School class, the incredible Spider-Man is recruited by Nick Fury to team up with Quentin Beck, also known as Mysterio to […]


After a head injury, a struggling musician realizes that he is the only one who remembers the iconic rock band, The Beatles. Desperate to make his mark, he decides to pass their songs off as his own and becomes an overnight sensation. But will his conscience and the love of […]

Events at The Moviehouse

June 04 - August 27

FREE Summer Kids Camp 2019

Welcome to summer, movie lovers! Join us for FREE kids films all summer long! Tickets are available first come, first served at 9 AM, and all movies start at 10 AM. All members of your party must […]

April 03 - April 24

Western Classics

Get your hat and your horse and head over to Moviehouse! Wednesdays in April are for M&E Western Classics. Reserve your half-priced recliner, get your drink from the bar, and kick up your boots. Yeeeehaaww! Giant (1956), […]

March 06 - March 27

John Hughes Classics 2019

The M&E John Hughes Tribute Series will send you back to the 80’s with four special nights of classic film. Tickets are half-priced for these Wednesday evening events and the menu items will be, like, totally rad. […]